Bamboo breakthrough could save Giant Pandas

A team of scientists returned from China yesterday (Wednesday), with “striking” results they say could change the way Pandas are protected.

They predict the number of bamboo species will increase with global warming – helping fussy eaters like Pandas, which rely on up to 20 different kinds of the plant to survive.

The Botanic director, professor Stephen Blackmore, said: “Nature has surprised us here."


Koala Meditating

Koalas are amazing. They can sit on the tiniest of branches and practically sleep anywhere! It is also most of what they do all they to be honest. As you can imagine, sleeping with a stick up your ass can't be very comfortable, yet these cute teddy bears manage to ignore that and sleep blissfully.

This adorably cute sleeping koala was shot in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, QLD, Australia